Mistakes that changed a life.

Mistakes that changed a life.

Mistakes have an important role in everyone’s life as they can change you as a person in a good way or even in a bad way too.

Whoever you are today is because of the choices and mistakes you have done in your life.Here I am gonna talk about some

mistakes which changed a life and a person too.

Hi…Hello…Everyone and again a very warm welcome to The Wild Pedia. Guys if this is your first time let me tell

you , you are at….www.thewildpedia.com…a hub for youngsters and I am Anshu Raj,here gonna talk about a few mistakes

which you might have also done that changed you and your life.I am basically going to mention all mistakes of a girl’s life

which a kind of changed her life.


Before heading towards the topic which talks about changing your life we must know how  life just changes .

By ‘Change in life’ I don’t mean money,fame,stardom,life partner or something like that. I simply mean

“your point of view towards your life” . Your life changes the very moment you change your mindset,you change your

pattern of thinking,you channelize your inner energy.And how does it works !!! “Your action describes your pattern of thinking

,your mindset”,and your whole life is nothing but just a memory and a record of your actions”. We cannot do anything

without thinking….and whatever we do is just a re flexion of our thoughts. So basically if we have the right mindset,our actions

would be in a right direction and so our life will take a drastic change.

Let’s begin 🙂

1.Was not exposed to world on right time.

To understand anything you’ve got to enter that thing.It might be a business,sports,studies or whatever . Without entering that field you cannot understand the rules,the basics,positive points and negative points.And same goes with life….not getting yourself involved in life will keep you away from many facts which are important to know about people,situations and all.And sometimes it’s just not about the time you got yourself exposed to the market but it’s also about the quality of grabbing the facts . You can be an innocent player or a wise player depending upon your observing capacity and time you have been playing.And here she got exposed to the reality of world too late which made her an innocent player.

2.Trusted someone easily

You trust a person without knowing what he is gonna do with your secrets and that could be your biggest mistake which can turn you into a reserved person from a talkative one.She spoke her heart out to a person whom she used to trust a lot and what he has to do with it was telling his friends about her secrets . Although those secrets were not that much deep but still it held an important part in her life and after this she turned into a conservative kind of personality from a talkative and friendly one.

3. Didn’t believe herself .

Believing yourself is a key to win or to have victory on anything.And this I am not saying because I have heard this many a time but because I have true instances of that . See until you don’t have that belief that you can do and can achieve best in it you can’t just give your best does not matter how easy or tough the task is.So first she thought she could but then what people used to say became more important to her and finally she ended up having a life which was not just for her.

4.Cared when it was not valued

“Whether someone is gonna be in your life or  not depends upon how you treat them ” that is so true . Caring is a good thing but over doing anything can be harmful for everyone and so for a relation. She cared a lot and ended up having her value lost and when she got her value back it was too late as she already had given up . So this didn’t make her a bad person but a person with heart and a bit of her wise mind .

5. Overconfidence

Being over confident can steal a coming victory from you . Like you are capable enough to achieve something but just because you think you have time and you are gonna do that in a few days too can be the biggest mistake you would ever commit. And the same happened with her and she lost the biggest chance from life. Stop procrastinating and start acting….it might true that its never too late but you may realize it so late to get it changed.

6.Making wrong friends

Sometimes….somewhere you are judged by the kind of friends you have . And there was a time when she didn’t believe in making friends but when she started initially she made some wrong friendships which was just not meant for her. As an individual everyone should know their well type and their compatibility so this was her one of those biggest mistakes as she had to pay for this .

7.Searching her own worth from others eyes

Know your worth….stop finding it in people’s eyes. Your actions describes your level of thinking….so stop just being the victim of your ow imaginations.Instead be the hero of your inner world .

8.Not having her own opinion .

Basically this means…letting others handle your life . At the very starting I mentioned one line….”Your choices in life define you ” so over view of your life is all choices you made. If you don’t take your own decisions or don’t have an opinion your life will not define you rather it will talk about someone else’s thought . So have your own opinion….rather letting others shape yours.


Everyone commits mistakes but the thing is whether you analyse from your mistakes or not. That’s how we all grow mature. Once we get to know basic rules of life we can just get fit into different difficult situations .


Now again a big thank you to all who ended up till here . You people simply keep me  motivating….THANK YOU for all your love . !!! LOVE YOU !!


NOTICE : If you people want me to write on a particular topic , you can comment it down . I will surely look into it .





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