How to make your winter stylish with daily cloths ?

How to make your winter stylish with daily cloths ?

Winters coming !! And not ready for it ? Nothing to worry…..spice up your own cloths and make it super stylish .

In my earlier posts too I have mentioned to explore your wardrobe as you will get more by it

rather than getting new stuff daily.Own this winter !


Hello everyone….and welcome back to The wild Pedia,a hub for youngsters…..I am Anshu Raj,here gonna

talk about ย making your winters amazingly awesome in terms of fashion .But before starting I would like to

thank you all for your huge support to me and this love that have been continuously giving to me . This is

the only source of motivation for me to write anything from my heart within .

Guys…winters are ย serious nightmare for many people as it includes getting up from that warm blanket,washing up

your face with chilled water,having bath early in the morning and all…but…but…but….a good thing about

winters is that its super sexy . It depends on how you see it . You can make your winter fully stylish with warm

cloths.Now lets move on to the discussion !!!





When it comes to picking up cloths to wear in winter I prefer something fancy with warm texture,so ya here

I am wearing a shirt inside a warm black long sweater,and a black fur jacket,added with black colored high

waist jeans . I kept it quite simple as I really believe simple is beautiful but you can add some more spice to

it by adding leather kind of texture in bottom or for your sweater . As I have already mentioned everybody

has a different kind of style.And if you are not having such things in your wardrobe you can go for similar kind

of pairing like here I have paired black and white….you can take black and white only if you wish or something

matching colors which do ย not look odd together . And pair it well with some tint of color in your top and some

in your bottom and you are good to go . No need to just copy anything….you can create it by your own and it

might look way better than this or than somebody’s else choice .



Footwear is sometimes the most underestimated part of a look but that’s a biggest mistake as sometimes just

a nice pair of footwear can change the whole look. Here I have paired a black pair of shoes with this look as

this is more about being stylish than being funky . But depending upon your own style…in which you are

good to go you can simply pair them up with your choice as nobody can be you better than yourself.


As I have mentioned it a lot of times that accessories is the main crux of any look so never underestimate

the power of accessories in making you look stylish . It can simply turn a look from sexy to funky, or funky

to cute so while accessorizing yourself keep in mind about the look you want to have. Here as an accessory

I am putting on some silver rings, a ;pearl kinda ear top , a goggle and a sling bag with that making that whole

look how I wanted it to be . But you will have many options to get your own look . Choose whatever you feel

will fit into your style. But while doing it please especially for this look don’t over do it . Wearing so much of

accessories can actually destroy the attraction in the look . You need to be selective and cautious about material,

color and all because it will all add a class to your look ย ๐Ÿ™‚

4.Carry it !!


This is the one most important thing that I have been mentioning in all my posts . Girls…we spend a lot of

money for getting a particular look but we need to spend a little of us to finish that look,to make that look

worth of all your efforts. All you need to do is carry that attire in that manner. Here as this look is all about

being stylish…you need to feel it from inside…keep your head high….walk in a straight manner,be bold enough

to make that look talk rather you do.There are many famous sayings like “You become what you think “….” You

will be what you think you to be from deep within ” and all that and this is so true like if you are getting well

dressed but from deep within you are not comfortable with it then trust me…so much of money and your

efforts will be of no use . You need to be super comfortable from inside first and then no need of damn expensive outfit ….. you will slay it .

5.Get this look .


I have always been asking you to explore your wardrobe….why ?? Here I will tell you why . Many a times

we like a look but at that point of time may be we are broke and so we can’t buy the needed stuff for the look

to be completed.But if you can’t get the same one we can have the alternative one and who knows it might

look a way better than what is shown in the picture. Instead of getting a black jacket with fur you have a

plane black jacket…you can pair it up with any long sweater (try it to be black or white) with black or white

jeans according to the color of your sweater and you are all set to go . So keep on playing with your closet it

can open many options for you just than this single one.And not only this try experimenting new pairing

skills…like one jeans with different colors … will not only make you look full of life but will also help you

recognize your best which suits you and slowly you will get to know what looks good on you and what not

and ya diversification of cloths will give different options to you and will make your wardrobe even more

interesting in your head .


1.Shirt – Rs. 350 Sarojini Market,New Delhi

2.Sweater – Rs. 250 Sarojini Market,New Delhi

3.Jacket – Rs. 600 Janpath market,New Delhi

4.Black jeans – Rs. 700 online from SSS


SO that’s it !! This is all what I had to write about this look . Discussed about every issue I found necessary

here . Hope it is gonna help you .

And again a big thank you for all those who completed this post till here. I love you people and your support ๐Ÿ™‚



NOTICE : If you guys want me to write on a particular topic then you can comment it down .

Your demands will be praised and I will surely look into it and will try to publish it very soon .ย 




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