How to stay motivated for longer time ?

How to stay motivated for longer time ?

Motivation is a source which keeps us going for something it might be studies,work or a particular goal,you need to be motivated about it. It might be external or internal too. Motivation is required in each field especially  when you are looking for a big goal so that you can keep on doing it without feeling exhausted. But sometimes we loose motivation…we want to do something but because we feel empty we cannot act . That is the time when we know that we should act but because of the lack of motivation we cannot . So coping with such situation will be the crux of this post.


Helloo  Everyone  !! Once again a hearty Welcome to The Wild Pedia . This time the topic of discussion is gonna be a bit different but the most faced problem of youngsters . People know they need to do something but they don’t take a step forward as there is a lot of lack of motivation and reason might be many where we don’t pay much attention. But here we will be addressing each point where I feel we youngsters get stuck and have no idea how to get over it . But before starting again thanking you guys a lot for your support as it keeps me going . So Thank you a lot.


So,Let’s Start…..!!!!

1.Talk to yourself !!

The most important thing that every person should do…..”Talk to Yourself”. You know many a times we do things without thinking about its consequences and why are we doing this . In fact nowadays almost every one especially youngsters are running behind temporary pleasures without bothering about where our actions are taking us to . I would say ….Guys….please …stop…take a pause !! Stay still ! Sit with yourself ! Question yourself….Answer Yourself !!!! Have a short conversation with yourself . Trust me this way you are gonna go too far and you will see the change in yourself very soon . If you get the answer from yourself that why are you doing a particular stuff and where is it taking you to then you yourself will get back on the right path .

2.Have a good circle.

See !! The most important thing any successful person will tell you is being in a circle you need . If you have to catch a train of a particular destination then you need to stand with the passengers of that train only . They themselves  will take you to the train if you are new to the platform and you don’t know where to start from .Basically what I am saying is ….”Get a circle you need.” Circle who motivates you with each and every achievements  and try to stay positive with you . Circle who encourages you….makes you feel good about yourself and your work .

3.Take the Note and Hit the Moment.

Many a times you might have  noticed we get a feeling that “Yes man !! I am feeling good and motivated and I want to study” . Trust me that is the moment..Do take the note and hit the moment….Get your books and get to study . Try keeping this continued for a bit long time . I know after again sometimes you will feel demotivated and spending time on you tube rather on studies . And its ok….its life and the graph cannot always be the same as we are living being not a dead one. But the one thing you should always be mindful  about is “Be Focussed ” . You should know when to end and when to start .

4.Watch motivating videos .

See I have seen many people feeling a big sort of change in their life just by watching motivating videos and trying to apply those in their life and they can feel a major change in their ;personality . So if you are feeling low and you want to  be motivated…”type your problem and you will get many results” and ya that will make you feel good .

5.Set some small targets  and celebrate if you achieve it.

Don’t just learn the quote that setting  higher goals  ca make you reach higher . Despite of this fact know one more thing and that is just higher goals can  make you feel demotivated sometimes so the best way to achieve something big is to take baby steps every day. Set a target into a deadline and keep a reward for yourself and then you will see you yourself will try hard to achieve that target . Celebrate if you have achieved it and reward yourself and you will love that feeling . Now you will set some more targets for yourself and you will continuously be making efforts to reach to that point again .  That will keep you going.

6. Talk to your parents or any guidance .

See it might sound a bit orthodox and you might be getting a feeling of….”Shit  !! A hell no !! ” . I can understand but trust me if you talk to your parents for a bit long time you will get to know what and how much more efforts they make just to make you happy and to make you a good human being or to see you in a good position in future . So the more you spend time with them the more you will be on track as everyday you will know a bit more of them .

7.Try pasting good motivated quotes around you .

“Feel good ” is the one thing which you need the most to be motivated. So guys Please do this one thing for yourself paste some quotes pages like ….”Don’t Quit” , “Never Give Up ” etc around you or in your room where you  are present more often. So that every time you feel low of yourself and don’t wanna do anything then you just have to turn your head around you will just get multiple of reasons for why  you have to do this and you will get positive vibes from these stuff too .

8. Maintain distance from negative stuff.

See by negative stuff what I mean is everything which is bringing you down . It might be people around you , it might be your past,it might be some memory or anything…..Destroy what destroys you . And its no tough . There is nothing which can bring your motivation,positive attitude,self confidence down until and unless you believe it to be true.Avoid people who discourages you for who you are or ping you for everything you do. People are made to comment….Don’t let their words destroy your inner peace as it will get you too down.

9.Try being Busy.

When we are like super free…we  start over thinking which can create problems even which does not exist . Always be active….keep on doing something… might be a work which is helpful for your career or any activity which you love doing . It will not only make you more creative but also help you stay away from negative thoughts which often attracts an empty mind and you will feel motivated.

10.Observation and learning attitude .

See we have two ways of looking towards a particular thing…a person,a thing,a memory,a situation etc. One is just looking and commenting on it and the other is deep analyzing it,learning the positive aspects of that thing and observing the negative one . Try taking the positive aspect and leaving the negative one . Observe whatever is going around you and always try to take the positive side and leave the negative one . Wherever you go indulge yourself in learning and you will feel charged up,motivated from inside.

11.Write down your dreams.

See,life is not about always being perfect so ya of course you are going to have a bad day, may be a bad period for such long days where you don’t want to work anymore,feeling like why are we here,let’s sit and let it be or simply to quit .At that time only the mirror of your dreams can help you  to energize again,motivated again . And that can be a diary where all your dreams are written with pictures,words and thousands of your feelings . Whenever you feel low of yourself or you just even think of quitting…just take out your diary,feel it and trust me guys that acts like a medicine . Take a nap if you are tired but don’t stop.Get up and start again. Keep on going .

12.Can listen to motivating songs or watching inspiring movies.

Listening to motivating songs can actually help you deal with these kind of situations . It can actually re energize you and you will get up again  with the same spirit . Watch inspiring movies like a real story which motivates you about the truth of brutality of life on the path of success . So even if you will have the bad day you can take in the positive in a positive way that at least you are on the path of success where many population can’t even reach .You yourself will  be motivated by your own conditions.


So yup Guys…This is all I had for this post. Hope this is helpful for you and if it was let me know in the comment section below . Tell me what you liked and what not about this post . And do let me know if I missed any point.


Again,THANK YOU to all those who end up reading till here. You guy are love and your support is my biggest strength . Keep on supporting and here I am trying to come up with great articles every time. Next post will soon be up .


NOTICE : If you guys want me to write on a particular topic , you can comment it down. I will surely look to it and will try to publish it soon. 




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